At present, there are few facilities available for tourists in Sumba, and Newa Sumba Resort is one of the first to offer accomodation for upmarket tourists. The resort will gradually increase its facilities to meet the increasing number of visitors who come to Sumba, either for culturally oriented visits or for nature related holidays. Horseback riding and hiking on native trails are just some of many activities you can enjoy at Newa Sumba Resort.
Or you can just simply lie down and relax on the beach, enjoying your cold drink and let nature spoil you with warm breeze on your skin and the gentle sound of waves in your ears.

The Resort

The 100-hectare resort's beachfront area of approximately 1 kilometer in length and the forests along each side of the Newa river, form part of the resort's extensive nature preserve, an ideal sanctuary for wildlife. Birdwatching activities is common and many of the bird species are rare and found only in this area.