Sumba is still relatively unknown to tourists. It is one of the last bastions of surviving native cultures in the fast changing world-an unspoilt land with ancient culture and colorful traditions.

Travelling across Sumba, we are greeted by its strange beauty: vast, rolling savannahs and large tracks of steppe where cattle and horses roam freely.

The People

The people of Sumba share the unique quality of their island. Their ancestors can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. A proud and happy people, the Sumbanese embraced the Christian religion in the sixteenth century. Reluctant to abandon ancient beliefs, they blended this new faith with animistic belief called "Marapu", which they still practice even today, with colorful and spectacular rituals.


Tall, traditional peaked-roof houses dominate the horizon. These unique houses surround enormous megalithic tombstones, as the Sumbanese believe that the departed ancestors continue living protecting their descendants.
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